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Liane Ferreira

Candlelit Restorative, Mindful Flow

Get cosy with your body in Liane’s Candlelit Restorative classes, allow your senses to be nourished as Liane fills the class with bolsters, blankets, sand bags and soothing soundtracks.  Liane also teaches our Mindful Flow classes which are typically slower than Vinyasa, incorporating fewer postures, these flow to the breath in a mindful way that leaves you feeling more centred and alive.

Liane’s Bio:

Liane went to her first few yoga classes with her grandmother in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa when she was just 10. Many years later she developed her personal practice, where returning to her mat as an adult changed her life. 

Over the years, she spent many months travelling in India, falling in love with the people and developing a deep interest in yoga philosophy, which led her to train as a yoga teacher. She began training as an Iyengar teacher in South Africa in 2007.  On settling in the UK in 2009 she completed her Hatha teacher training in an ashram in Rishikesh on the banks of the Ganges River.  She now returns to her ashram every year (more recently accompanied by groups of her students). As a consequence her classes are inspired by and infused with yoga philosophy.

Her Mindful Flow classes are typically slower than Vinyasa, incorporating fewer postures you will be led through a breath-focused sequence of fundamental poses which invite you to tune into the subtle energy flowing within you. She will skilfully guide you to move mindfully and in time with the breath, which will ultimately leave you feeling more centred and alive.

For Liane, yoga has become a long and rewarding journey, she is grateful for the gifts she has received and the many lessons she has learnt, both on and off the mat. The Sufi sage Rumi sums this up for me: “Who can be so lucky? Who comes to the lake for water and sees the reflection of the moon?”