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Owen Hutchinson


Owen is a qualified personal trainer, pilates, meditation and yoga instructor from Perth, Australia.  He has an enviable happy, friendly character and a huge talent for teaching.  His ability to explain and really help people understand their bodies during his Pilates classes at the studio is superb.  His students will tell you he gets maximum results, detailing each exercise around a specific part of your body to tone and strengthen.  A natural communicator with a passion for Pilates. 

OWEN’s Bio:

Owen’s story beings in Australia, where he once owned lots of Yoga and Pilates studios.    Now an owner of a nearby Public House, he’s loves to keep in touch with his real passion; Remedial Pilates:

Remedial Pilates? Owen explains it as follows “a biomechanical science that re-trains the mind and body to work effectively and efficiently with the nervous system to get your body working the way it should”.  He concentrates on building a strong foundation of neuro-muscular connection, where he guides you to improve your posture and structural awareness, add in his secret ingredient of encouragement, fun & confidence and you will gain strength, core stability and flexibility.

He says “I want your mind & body to work for you, not against you” this will help to overcome aches, pains and injuries, avoid pills, injections and surgery.   Numerous students have already commented that they have come off pain relieving medication and some have conquered their depression using his techniques.  Expect to improved your posture, gain flexibility and strengthen your core to build on your longevity.