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Owen Hutchinson

Co-Owner, Pilates

Owen is the Co-Owner of Ebb & Flow and lives and breathes yoga, Pilates & meditation. With 20 years of teaching experience his journey started in his birth country Australia and has evolved from the biomechanics of Pilates & yoga to a deeper spiritual & energetical practice and teachings.

OWEN’s Bio:

Finding balance in movement, meditation & breath to self-heal is his absolute passion and this is delivered with exuberance in his classes. His ability to explain, adjust and help students understand their bodies during class is his speciality and his students see amazing results.

Owen explains his teaching as “a biomechanical science blended with ancient tradition & breath, blended with energetical practices that re-trains the mind, nourishes the body, draws in the spirit and activates the nervous system to self heal, gain functional, pain-free movement and radiate your inner light”. He concentrates on building a strong foundation of neuro-muscular connection and core strength where he guides you to improve your posture and structural awareness through personalised cues, encouragement and above all; fun!

“I want your mind & body to work for you, not against you to overcome aches, pains, mental blocks & injuries and avoid pills, injections and surgery. Our bodies can heal when we learn how to move, when we learn how to breathe, when we learn how to quieten and focus the mind and activate the nervous system. The potential to self-heal is exponential!”