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Rianna Hemmings

Remote Tech Wizard

Meet our Wellness & Teacher Training Operations and general tech whizz wonder! Rianna may look familiar to you all, why? Because she’s also a great Strength & Mobility Coach and often pops up on our socials to interview various people on a live stream.

Rianna is our all-round techno whizz, quick thinking and very smiley human! We love her positivity and ‘Joie de Vivre’ which comes across in spades everyday as we work as a team.

She works daily behind the scenes (very behind them – she lives in the Scottish highlands!) to ensure the studio software and our Teacher Trainings run smoothly, manages our Wellness operations, workshops and retreats, and hosts any corporate events we run.


Ri’s Bio

Ri has been working for Ebb&Flow since 2019, and her role within the business has grown and evolved alongside it; throughout the tricky 2020-21 period, through her move back to London, and then Scotland in 2022. She’s covered everything from Corporate Wellness events via zoom, to leading the way with our social media, to installing new AI software, to managing our workshop schedule, to remotely onboarding teachers and wellness therapists, to developing our Teacher Training programmes!

When she’s not working she spends most of her time adventuring outdoors in the Scottish mountains, climbing up rock faces and walking up snowy mountains (yes even in winter!) and her naturally organised nature keeps the team on track (and on time!)