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Rianna Hemmings

Corporate Wellness Operations

Meet our Corporate Wellness Operations & general tech whizz wonder ! Rianna may look familiar to you all, why? Because she’s also a great Personal Trainer and has filmed some fabulous power core fitness sessions for us on our EbbFlowYoga.tv platform.

Then there’s the fact that her sister, Leah is one of our lovely Yoga teachers. Rianna is our all-round techno whizz, quick thinking and very smiley human! We love her positivity and ‘Joie de Vivre’ which comes across in spades everyday we work as a team.

She works daily to bring workshops, team building events and onsite or online yoga classes to add some wellbeing to the hard working teams who work for our corporate clients. Rianna says: “movement and time in nature should be intrinsically woven into our daily routine, stress should be kept to a minimum, and Ebb&Flow is here to provide you with the tools to achieve that.”