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Simona Mill

Hot Flow, Vinyasa, Flow & Restore, Yin, Hatha, Beginners

We love Simona’s energy, she will be leading you through an hour of deep restorative movement in her restorative classes, blended with the healing practice of Yoga Nidra, a deep rest meditation which will leave you feeling rejuvenated both mentally and physically for the week ahead.  

Simona’s Bio:

Simona studied with some truly inspiring teachers including Dylan Werner and Norman Blair (one of the UK’s leading Yin teachers). Simona’s teaching is diverse, ranging from dynamic classes with focus on finding connection with the breath and movement, to restorative classes where she offers a calm and nurturing space for students to relax and restore. Additionally, Simona continues to develop her skills as she regularly attends courses and workshops. Once such course took was The Prison Yoga Project, where she built a greater awareness into how Yoga can be used to great effect in challenging environments.