Ebb & Flow -

The beauty about yoga today, is its accessibility to everyone…

and so the definition of a yoga teacher is boundless.

Ultimately, this job is not really a job…

it is a responsibility that comes with immense joy and job satisfaction.

As yoga teachers, we see every small breakthrough, every disappointment,

happy tears and sad tears, moments of clarity, frustration, joy…

we witness it all silently, never really knowing the truth of the story

and it drives us to continue doing what we do because we witness its power in all forms.


Julee has been practising yoga for almost 25 years and has taught yoga full time since 2007.

Guided by her mentor, Simon Park (noted by Yoga Journal as “one of the most influential and gifted yoga teachers of the next generation”), Julee has been invited to teach and facilitate on both his and other globally established teacher trainings.

She has also taught workshops and programmes across the UK, Malaysia, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

“In this time, I have witnessed

the industry change,

how the range of students has changed,

how classes have changed,

how we market yoga has changed,

and even how we dress for yoga has changed!

I am grateful to be a part of this practice, this community and this job.

It is an absolute joy through the ups and downs. 

It has shaped me, provided for me, given me roots to grow…

It has pulled me into a lighter, brighter side of life, supported me out of chronic pain, and kept me healthy; essentially, it has sustained the vitality of my body, mind and spirit.”

“Yoga has always given me a shove to step into my light and this year,I have felt another push to share this accumulation of wisdom from all my teachers, from my experience and from so much joy..

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“I have never been drawn to offer the full programme myself because I knew that when the time was right, it will call to me. Instead I started a Vinyasa Training & Mentoring programme, that I have loved facilitating. 

This year, I started to feel the seed sprout to start a 200 hour programme and I intended to take it slow but the universe had other plans for this, so here we are! I am excited about this push and feel ready now to go the full mile. 

This teacher training programme will draw from the strengths of many schools to bring to you a training that will pave the way for you to become a versatile and confident yoga teacher.

At the base of everything is Hatha Yoga. The literal translation of ‘hatha’ means ‘with force’, so it literally translates to attaining yoga through any physical practice. For the purpose of this training, I will use Hatha Yoga to mean the umbrella of all yoga practices.

At the heart of this training is Vinyasa Yoga. It is a tradition that I have embraced, lived and breathed for the past 24 years. This tradition has grown into one of, if not the biggest style of yoga practiced today. Its popularity lies in its freedom to be whatever it wants to be, but it comes at the expense of being a tradition that is not straightforward to study, which is in itself the beauty of it all.”

Julee’s teaching & style is beautifully unique & throughout the course she shares her love and knowledge generously with the group. We learnt to build sequences, create class plans, how to adapt and modify to suit the students in our classes, how to build a sequence up to a peak pose or theme.


I hugely recommend this immersion to any teacher wanting to add a different dimension to their classes & teaching style. Julee is an amazingly gifted teacher with a depth of knowledge, a huge heart & a big smile!


Tracey R.

Highly recommend training with Julee!


She is such an inspiration and her yoga knowledge and expertise is truly magical. Her way of teaching is gentle, supportive and friendly, yet so powerful.


Totally in awe to be honest! I think this course is a must for all teachers. I have learnt so much, thank you Julee!


– Laura D.