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What’s Barre all about and is it effective?

Like everything it’s not as simple as a “yes” or a “no”.  Before you sign up for our barre classes, read our blog to find out more: 

What Is Barre Class?  

It’s a Ballet inspired fitness class.  It mixes Ballet with Dance and Pilates.  You will use the wall mounted and free standing Barre’s at our studio but also you will work on mats just like our Pilates classes.  Our barre workouts are great fun, instructors plan the music compilations to motivate and add high energy to the class, think Madonna, Whitney Houston and Abba… or those nightclub 90’s beats to get everyone in the zone!  You will focus on core strength, developing good posture and enhancing flexibility.  This is done mostly by performing isolated exercises which are very small movements that “burn out” muscles.   This helps you work into the small muscles, producing slender bodies, rather than bulky or a weight trained physique.  Talking to our members, they love Barre… here’s what Jane has said in her review recently

“Loved it, the results of this class have been to tone those annoying female zones that in most of us need that extra bit of work!”

Just like our Yoga and Pilates classes it’s a low-impact workout that puts very little pressure on the joints. It’s all about lifting and toning by using your own body or weights as small as 1lb. None of the movements are sudden or unnatural, so if you’ve got some knee or shoulder or back issues, this could be a great option for you. It’s even completely safe for pregnant women to do (always check with your doctor and get a note first, though!).



    • All our teachers are super friendly.  At your first class, we will introduce you to the teacher, they will help to guide you and give you pointers for the first couple of classes.  It doesn’t really take long to pick up the moves.
    • There’s always someone at each Barre class that’s an absolute beginner so don’t worry – you’ll not be on your own.  We welcome newcomers with open arms – never be put off, one of our members is 76 years old and loves Barre. 
    • The classes are jam-packed into 45-60 minutes. We don’t spend tonnes of time stretching (although all the moves stretch you out!) so you’re truly working out for every single minute. We are keen to stick to the clock so you know you’ll get out on time too!
    • The studio, is all set up with mats, barre, weights and straps so all you need to bring is you and some water to drink. Bare feet is the norm as it can be slippy in socks.
    • Although it may seem like every class is different, it does follow a similar format. The workouts might not feel easier, but it will definitely make things easier to know what was coming next after a few classes are under your belt.