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Our Workshops

We have regular Yoga workshops here at Ebb&Flow, each month we host these sessions to explore subjects in a more in-depth format – hosted mostly by our regular teachers. The teachers spend a lot of time planning a 2 hour session where you will have time to discuss topics, take part in the workshop, receive hand-outs, watch demonstrations and primarily experience so much about the subject on offer.

It may start with a lecture about the anatomy and biomechanics of the body and then move into a few exercises to reinforce student learning.  Then, you can often be part of a discussion about the subject in order to clarify and educate. The teacher could demonstrate before you will be required to try the pose or learning out for yourself.  Now imagine having a teacher there helping you understand how to improve.  It’s lovely to see the progression and happy faces in our students during the yoga workshops

Most of our workshops are based in Studio 1 (the larger studio) due to its light and ample space. When we invite guest industry teachers, this is part of Julee’s role is to network and connect with the true experts in their field.  We then invite them to Ebb&Flow studio to give lectures, workshops and educational sessions for all of our members.  They are keen to work with beginners too so don’t feel like you should leave that workshop to the more experienced practitioners unless the wording on the posters say so.

Step out of your comfort zone and be among other students who are there to learn too.. no pressure, just join in and give it a go

Katy Simpson, Yoga Instructor – Ebb&Flow


Why give it a go? 

1.  Yoga Teachers love to specialise in their chosen subject, with this in mind it’s always a great idea to go to their workshops – they will offer modifications to suit various levels of students, enabling their learning to be passed on to everyone (unless the description says a certain yoga ability, workshops are open to everyone – the complete beginner is especially welcome).  In a workshop, you can ask questions and benefit from targeted assists by the teacher and there’s lots of time for advice just for you. If you’re working with a particular issue, such as back pain, a therapeutic-based workshop can give you valuable tools for modifying poses and staying pain-free.

2.  Focus on one subject at a time and deepen your knowledge.  Stepping out of your comfort zone to try a new posture or learn a new technique can inspire a fresh perspective. The intensive focus of a workshop will answer questions you didn’t even know you had, and help you feel established in your practice. Building strength and stamina isn’t just physical—focusing on yoga for an entire afternoon or throughout a weekend also shifts your awareness, training you to sustain a yogic perspective on and off the mat

3. Feel the connection and make new friends, get to know your Yoga family.  Workshops draw students from different yoga styles and far-flung places. You’ll connect with a like-minded group and make friends which is all the nicer when you see them again in class. 

4. Renew your commitment. Stepping out of a comfortable routine can help you appreciate your practice all over again. Especially good times to shake things up are seasonal shifts, holidays, birthdays or whenever you need renewed energy and a fiercer focus on your practice.

5.  Yoga workshops are an investment in yourself. The couple of hours and the money that you invest in a yoga workshop directly benefits you. A recent testimonial from an Ebb&Flow Yoga student “After my yoga workshop, I came away with lots of useful “takeaways” – new learning, things to try and ideas to incorporate into my own yoga practice”   Workshops are also a great way to get re-inspired, especially if you’ve hit a bit of a plateau. It’s usual to leave a yoga workshop motivated to get back on my mat, practising and learning more stuff