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What’s the focus of the Yin and Reiki workshop

On Sunday 15thSeptember, Rebecca is hosting a special Yin workshop which will focus on releasing tension from the body.

All of the poses in the two-hour session will work on opening the muscles around the hips, including the hamstrings, glutes and quads (front of the thighs).  From the stress of modern life, most of us feel tension/tightness in at least one of these muscle groups.

Whilst we hold into these postures, healing Reiki energy will be administered to help to balance the energy channels in the body.

Combining these two complementary practices helps to balance the body from both the physical to the emotional to the energetic levels.


Who is this for?

Everyone is more than welcome to join this workshop. Beginners warmly invited especially as this is a perfect choice of workshop to try.

Yin is a practice of slow, deep stretches which focuses on stretching the fascia (soft tissue) within the body. We hold these postures for 3-5 minutes on average as we work to find space within the body.

This style of yoga is accessible to all bodies and as we hold the poses for a significant period of time, it allows plenty of time for poses to easily be modified for any injuries.


How will I feel when I’ve been to this class

Expect to leave the room feeling re-centred and connected.

Often in every-day lives, we spend so much time worrying about the future or thinking of the past, that we forgot to be present and live in this moment.

This workshop will help you to do exactly that – stop, slow down, re-connect with your body and to let go from some of the tension/stress you are holding onto.

Explain to me what Yin Yoga is again?

The benefits attributed to Yin Yoga are an increase in flexibility and strength, more energy and better posture.  

Yin yoga is practised sitting or lying on the floor. There are no planks, no warriors, no core work. No dynamic sun salutations. No standing poses. The pace is slow, so you need to wear comfortable, warm clothes and maybe keep your socks on.

You can expect forward bends with legs together or apart, lunges and gentle backbends – poses that are commonly practised in dynamic yoga classes. But here’s the key difference: in yin yoga, they are held for a longer period of time to increase flexibility in that part of the body. Instead of holding for five breaths, as in a vinyasa class, in a yin class they could be held for between two and 20 minutes, although five is more usual.

How does Yin help my mental health?

The ability to tend to all facets of ourselves (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) is fundamental to our wellbeing. The yin practice provides an opportunity to observe, nurture, soothe, and calm ourselves. The act of carefully taking a posture and tending to your body’s unique set of needs for the duration of the hold is a form of self-care and loving kindness.


When is the workshop ?

The workshop is on the 15th September 2019 at 12pm for 120 mins at Ebb&Flow, Farnham.  Why not book in for this workshop and spend time with Kate so she can help you feel happier and healthier in your body.   

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