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We asked Atifa some questions about her up coming workshop and here she shares some of the amazing experiences she has in store…


What’s the workshop about?

The Sensory Journey is a fully immersive experience which uses all of the senses. When I first started my therapeutic counselling practice I wanted to combine it with my love of the outdoors, cooking for wellness and practicing “Kindfulness”. The Sensory Journey integrates all the things that I love and it provides a tailored session which focusses on specific topics.

Using the practise of mindfulness – The Sensory Journey: Deep rest at Ebb & Flow will incorporate all of the senses – sight, sound, scent, touch and taste. 

We will begin this journey by greeting our hands with a home-made nourishing hand scrub using essential oils. We will use self-compassion and breathwork to begin to release a little as we settle into our nests.

We will also take part in a mindful eating exercise which will support with tuning our bodies inwards to start the journey of deep rest.

We will continue with a meditation which will use a guided visualisation to induce a gentle slumber and aid the connection between the mind and body.

We will end the session with a short movement exercise whilst also using Tapping therapy which is also known as ‘emotional acupresssure’ to help support with stress release as we gently reconnect with the earth.


What’s the benefits, what’s the learning, will it help me? 

I am an experienced and qualified Integrative Counsellor.   Over the years I have supported people with issues around amongst other things; anxiety, depression and stress release. My experience has helped me to build the model of The Sensory Journey which is the framework of all the sessions that I run.



A couple of testimonials from Ati’s work

‘Basically everyone needs an Ati in their life..I feel rested and calm’

‘I really appreciate your help and support whilst I am on this journey. I am starting to make real positive changes to my mindset and for that I am eternally grateful’ 


What level of experience do I need ?

The Sensory Journey is open to everyone. Literally, any age, men and women alike, you don’t need experience of meditation or breathwork. We will be doing very gentle movements and will mainly be lying down.

All you need is an open mind and give yourself permission to rest.

When is the workshop ?

The workshop is on Sunday 6th October 2019 at 6.30pm until 8.30pm at the Ebb&Flow studio, Farnham.  Why not book in for this workshop and spend time with Atifa and experience her wonderful holistic skills

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