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How can you boost immunity to become more resilient?

Good nutrition and positive lifestyle habits can actually help strengthen the immune system.

The first step in combatting illness and infection is proper nourishment of the body, and here are our top tips for supporting your immunity from the inside out!


Prioritise sleep

Good sleep is as important as nutrition when considering robust immunity, as it provides the body with the opportunity to ‘rest and repair’. Aim for 7-8 hours per night. An eye mask and ear plugs can prove beneficial, alongside an increase of nutrients such as magnesium before bed.


Optimise vitamin intake and status

Low levels of vitamin D this can increase our infection risk, while certain nutrients (especially those with anti-viral properties) will help to nourish the immune system:

  • Beta-glucans e.g. oats
  • Zinc e.g. nuts and seeds
  • Vitamins A, C and D e.g. sweet potato, oranges and salmon

Vitamin C can be effective in supplemental form and can be taken at a higher dose short-term if fighting a common cold, respiratory issues and viruses. Being a water soluble nutrient, it is advisable to spread the dose across the day rather than taking one large dose. This supports absorption and maintains a steady supply in the bloodstream.

Apply caution if taking certain medications e.g. anti-coagulants or if you have a history of kidney stones, and if you are under medical supervision please consult a health professional before supplementing.



Gut health

To support the resilience of the gut, increasing prebiotics (the fibre) and probiotics (the good bacteria) in the diet alongside key vitamins e.g. vitamins A and D can be beneficial. Foods like onion, garlic, leek, Jerusalem artichoke, raw sauerkraut and kefir are favourable prebiotic sources.

Supplementing with well-researched strains of probiotic can also positively impact the immune system.


Regulate sugar and alcohol intake

Incorporating healthier alternatives supports the body’s defence system e.g. dark chocolate, nuts and drinks like kombucha can be good alternatives.

Soups and casseroles can help to provide nutrient density and digestive ease.


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Wild Nutrition Food-Grown Supplements

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