Ebb & Flow -

From corporate, to mum, to swim, to the mat…

Jo Ellis (some of you may know her as Jo Evans), spent many years working in the pharmaceutical industry, having graduated with a degree in Physiology and Pharmacology. She soon headed for a career within Financial Services in the City where she lived and breathed hard work and long hours.

After having her two children she left the corporate world behind, changed tack and retrained; initially in swim coaching (coaching mainly adults and triathletes), then in personal training, before moving across to spin and eventually Pilates (including pre & post natal and springboard Pilates). One of Jo’s main reasons for qualifying in Pilates was because she wanted to make sure she was keeping her clients’ backs safe during PT and bootcamp sessions. Only then did she realise just how much she loved Pilates, quickly became an addict and decided she needed Pilates in her life – both in terms of teaching and self-practice!

In 2012 she moved from London to Farnham and set up her own studio! Predominantly focused on spinning with elements of PT and Pilates. 

…as you can see it’s been quite a journey!

Jo now teaches Pilates to all levels; from beginners to advanced, using both bodyweight resistance and small pieces of equipment such as the Pilates ring (referred to as ‘the ring of doom’ by her clients!), the small ball, the foam roller, light hand weights, resistance bands and the large fit ball. She is mum to Sophie, who has just left school and is a big weight lifting fan, and Ben who is 15 and sports mad (particularly when it comes to rugby!) Sadly neither of them do much Pilates…yet!!

Although her natural tendencies lie towards more Dynamic Pilates, each exercise is layered in terms of level of difficulty so her classes cater to lots of different abilities. She loves the flowing movements within Pilates and will often get you to work up a bit of a sweat! However, stretching will feature in all her classes; both incorporated into the session and at the end.


If you are curious or have any questions please feel free to contact Ebb&Flow and we look forward to seeing you in class!