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Making a Nutritionist Appointment.

Appointments with Teresa for a nutritional consultation in the Ebb&Flow new consultation room are available everyday.  She works during the day and evenings to suit you, plus she is available at weekends.

She meets with you for an initial consultation, to gain an understanding of your health history. The initial consultation is then followed up with a progress assessment where Teresa will build up on and adjust your nutritional plan to suit your specific requirements and aims.

If you have paid for a ‘Premium Health Package’, Teresa will then see you again for 2 additional follow ups to provide further advice and guide you to becoming healthy and happy.

You can purchase each appointment separately or as part of a package.

What is a Consultation?

  • Complete our questionnaire beforehand to allow for research of your individual needs
  • Up to 90 minutes consultation in our private room
  • Learn about possible reasons for health problems you may have
  • Have your questions answered
  • Discuss and set realistic health goals
  • Receive detailed diet and lifestyle advice, including meal ideas
  • Get optional supplements and test recommendations
  • Information and tailored health plan sent over email

About Teresa

Teresa is a registered Nutritional Therapist (BANT, CHNC), having trained at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and is currently an Assistant Clinical Supervisor at the College.

Teresa believes that everyone should discover that their bodies are amazing and resourceful! Her philosophy is that with the influence of food and lifestyle, our individual needs can be supported, optimising our potential for the very best of health.

Teresa combines health coaching with nutritional science to create a programme that is specific to you. Effective change can take place at a pace to suit you, taking into consideration your commitments and busy life.


Teresa is available 6 days a week (everyday except Sunday).


How does it work?

  • Initial 90 mins consultation
  • Follow up appointment of 30 mins

We also have a PREMIUM HEALTH PACKAGE which includes:

  • Initial Consultation – 90 minutes
  • 2 follow up consultations – 30 minutes each
  • Email support



Teresa also runs a number of workshops throughout the year with the aim to teach attendees on the key areas that contribute to optimal health by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to empower them.

Click here to choose from the various informative and useful talks to help you understand various health and nutrition subjects such as:

  • The fundamental basics for good health: digestion, absorption and elimination.
  • Nutrition for better energy and health: getting the balance right to improve energy, focus, mood, sleep, weight management.
  • Gut microbes, are they our friend or our foe? What do they contribute to our health?
  • Stress, anxiety low mood, depression; how can nutrition and lifestyle be supportive?
  • Healthy hormones: PMS, Pre and Post-Menopausal support 


Teresa specialises in a number of areas:

  • Over 40’s (male and female) optimising health for longevity
  • Cardiovascular (including family history of heart attack, angina, stroke, high blood pressure): looking at prevention and diagnoses support.
  • Hormones: menopause (pre and post) PMS, the female cycle
  • Diabetes
  • Depleted energy, sleeping issues, & stress 
  • Thyroid problems
  • Weight management

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