Ebb & Flow -

When was the last time you did nothing?

When recently leading a virtual zoom class, our meditation teacher Neil asked if there was a particular meditation anyone wanted to explore. This could be considered quite an unusual request with a possible plethora of interesting responses…so often the choices are slightly more limited.

But it got him thinking: what do we come to practice for? With a background in and understanding of the corporate world of work, these days Neil works directly with clients to create a job and career path; a perspective of who they are to the outside world and themselves in order to build a healthy, sustainable life.

And it occurred to him that for all the contrasts, we come to meditation with much the same in mind. 

In his upcoming March workshop at our studio, An Introduction To Meditation, he’ll speak about how to create a practice that subtly builds perspective about the way we approach ourselves and our thoughts (and therefore our lives). He’ll discuss compassion, gratitude, curiosity, judgement, the science that backs the meditative process, the effect on our minds and bodies, and how to turn down the volume on the self-critical voice.

Neil is a qualified secular meditation teacher. His light-hearted approach to meditation helps to demystify the practice of self-reflection. 

As he says himself: “if mindfulness is noticing that this story, with all its random mess and complexity is in fact our life, then meditation is the process of learning how to attend to the moment so we feel at home in that narrative and the experience of living”.

26th March 2-4pm :  Introduction to Meditation