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“Challenge your balance and coordination by incorporating a Foam Roller.  Plus, rolling for only a few minutes can really help release tension in areas of the body.”

What benefits do our Pilates classes offer?

Pilates is the ultimate mind-body exercise offering a whole body approach. The proprioception (awareness) of your ‘body in space’ requires an inward inquiry, building and heightening your mind-body relationship. Simply pausing and paying attention, observing the breath and any areas of your body that feel tight or tense, whilst lying on the roller that awakens your body’s senses.


What is Pilates on the Roller?

Pilates on the roller will be a playful exploration of strength and flexibility of muscles and nerves and will work on decreasing any muscular stress and tension within your body. The instability of the roller increases the challenge on your core and helps develop a better and correct postural alignment of the spine, shoulder & pelvic girdle. As your balance is compromised on this uneven surface it will be improved over time and a better understanding of how your body moves is achieved by fully experiencing how movement is challenged when another part of the body moves, creating changes throughout your entire body.


What can I expect to achieve?

Having discovered how the muscles at the centre of your body activate to keep you balanced and centred, the stabilisation of your entire muscular system is challenged when compared to simply lying on a mat. Communication between your body’s senses that requires focus, concentration and fluid movement that comes from centering your body in correct spinal alignment. This is the experience of the entire movement of your muscles, bone and joints. Pilates and this course will challenge you both physically and mindfully.



Benefits of using the foam roller for releasing tension in soft tissues

If you’re desk-bound, a runner, someone with aches and pains due to tense muscles, achy shoulders or sore lower back, using the foam roller for self-massage can also be a good way of getting rid of niggling aches and pains in these areas.


Will I need a foam roller? 

No, is the answer. We have bought them for you to use on the course, but we envisage a few of you may want to buy them from us.  You can then use them at home – now that you know how to use them !

When is the course ?

The course of 4 weeks starts on  7th November at 1.45pm until 2.45pm at Ebb&Flow studio, Farnham.  If you have been to Dawns pilates classes you will know just how amazing she is, but if you haven’t, be prepared to really see progression.

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